Q: Do these really help with heavier earrings?

A: Yes, they provide support so that heavy earrings don’t pull your lobes down as far. It’s like a band-aid for the back of your lobe.

Q: Are the patches clear? I’m African-American.

A: Yes they are clear. They work perfectly for everyone.

Q: Is Lobe Miracle TM hypoallergenic?

A: Yes, Lobe Miracle TM us materials that are hypo-allergenic, however if irritation occurs, please stop using until irritation disappears.

Q: Are the patches re-usable or can they only be used once?

A: Lobe Miracle TM patches are usually a one time use, but with packages in 60 and 120 counts, you’ll be able to show off a lot of earrings without worry.

Q: Can you see the patches on your ears?

A: No, Lobe Miracle TM patches are clear, which makes them practically invisible behind the ear.